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Rehab therapy

two rehab nurses assisting patient with walking exercises

help patients on the road to recovery

The rehabilitation therapist specializes in helping people with disabilities and chronic illness attain optimal function and health and adapt to an altered lifestyle. Rehabilitation therapists assist patients moving toward independence by setting realistic goals and treatment plans.

Rehab therapists must gently guide their patients to push past their limits to reach goals. A positive attitude and an abundance of patience are excellent traits for this role. Being a rehabilitation therapist can be incredibly rewarding and it is suited for those with a strong desire to help others and change lives.

An Integral Part of the Team

Rehabilitation therapy can be extremely rewarding. Being part of an integrated care team helping patients improve their conditions and function provides benefits far beyond a paycheck. In this care environment, you can get to know your patients over a few weeks and align care to their psychosocial needs.

female nurse assisting patient with rehabilitation exercises

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