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Healthcare Travelers

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healthcare travel opportunities await for the following:

The professional travel healthcare lifestyle is not for everyone. Travelers need to hit the ground running, adapt quickly, and in some cases, work independently— but they should never feel alone. We get it! Leaps are scary, but when they lead to opportunities to enrich your life with exploration, autonomy, diversified career knowledge, and a sense of fulfillment— we say hop in.


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The best fit, location, and pay.

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Travel the country and make money.

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We take care of you, so you can take care of them.

Being a healthcare traveler gives you an empowering freedom to decide your own schedule. No more asking for time off months in advance and hoping your request is approved! As a travel healthcare professional, you are in control of when you work and for how long. Assignments can range from 2 to 13 weeks depending on the healthcare need.

Travel for Free

The most popular reason for becoming a travel healthcare professional is the opportunity to explore new places without having to pay for it. Living and working somewhere gives you the feeling of being a local instead of a tourist, allowing you to get a well-rounded perspective with less commitment.

Find your best fit

If you’re not sure what kind of healthcare facility would be best for you to work in, travel nursing is a great way to experience various clinical environments.

Receive Great Pay

Here’s a fun stat: the average hourly rate for a registered healthcare professional ranges from $23.09 – $41.03. Based on a 36-hour work week that’s $831.24 – $1,477.08 per week. At Blu Medstaff, the average salary for a traveler is over $50 per hour which equals over $1,800 a week based on a 36-hour work week.

Ready to start your adventure?

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